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Trade Settlement Inc. Announces Advanced PSA Generation for Distressed Settlement

Trade Settlement Inc.® Announces Advanced PSA Generation for Distressed Settlement

May 5, 2011

Trade Settlement Inc.®, a leading provider of automated loan settlement technology, today announced that the TSI loan settlement platform will feature an advanced, user-controlled, PSA (Purchase and Sale Agreement) editor for distressed settlement.

"Our continued focus is to increase the level of automation for the loan settlement market throughout our TSI platform.  With this latest innovation, closers and their attorneys can now use a full featured, browser-based tool to create and amend documents directly on the platform and route them between counsel while keeping an audit of all changes," said Jon Hoberman, Vice President and Product Manager.

The PSA editor automates the creation of Purchase and Sale Agreements that are part of the overall loan closing workflow.  The template driven tool allows users to insert additional data tags into the PSA and have the document automatically populated with data points from the trade.  All changes made to active PSA's are tracked, highlighted, and stored for future review and a comparison engine is available to compare any two versions of the document across the series.

"Our latest integration reaffirms our dedication to pushing the automation process forward to drive down settlement periods and transaction costs", saidPat Loret de Mola, President and CEO of TSI.  "We continue to strengthen our offering with automated tools that empower the user community to conduct their business most efficiently, with minimal intervention from third-parties."

About Trade Settlement Inc.®

Trade Settlement Inc.® (TSI) provides the only fully automated settlement platform for the global primary and secondary syndicated loan markets. Since the Company's inception in June 2000, TSI has been a pioneer and innovator in the syndicated loan trading space. In addition to launching the first fully automated browser-based platform for the settlement of par/near par loan trades, TSI also created the first real-time data link with a widely used agent bank. TSI's platform has radically streamlined the settlement cycle, allowing for rapid, error-free settlement of loan transactions. The TSI system offers the highest standard of security, leading-edge technology, first-rate customer service, scalability and fastest execution. In addition, TSI offers high-quality and professional loan closing outsource services.

TSI's easy-to-use system was designed to interface with existing back-office accounting and portfolio management systems, eliminating double and triple entry and maximizing the benefits of straight-through-processing. TSI has built its state-of-the-art platform with the flexibility to link to virtually every lending and portfolio management system, whether branded or proprietary.