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Trade Settlement Inc. Announces Enhancements for Q2

Trade Settlement Inc.® Announces Enhancements for Q2 2012

January 16, 2012

Trade Settlement Inc.® a leading provider of automated loan settlement technology, today announced important enhancements to the both the functionality and the user interface of the TSI platform scheduled for release in Q2 2012.

Included in the enhancements is an automated trade importer which will enable high volume firms to import trade files from front end, accounting or portfolio management systems into the TSI platform.   The trade import eliminates the need for error-prone and time-consuming double entry of the trade details.

TSI is introducing a functional redesign of the batch execution screen that allows firms to execute documents in any order and without reliance on the other party having signed first.   This will allow rapid, simultaneous signing of the Trade Confirm (TC) and Assignment and Assumption (AA) by broker dealers and the provision of trade documents to the counterparty for immediate execution.  Enhanced new searching capabilities will be available for advanced filtering so users can quickly research trades based on numerous relevant criteria.

In addition to the functional changes to the batch execution screen, user interface changes will include additional columns and sorting capabilities, a better means of coordinating closings and a redesigned menu system that will create more useable space for presenting data.

"We're very tapped into our user community and as such TSI has listened to its customers and is delivering on many of the key enhancements that have been requested," said Pat Loret de Mola, President of TSI.  "The redesigned user interface gives a fresh look to the platform and a contemporary feel that is both intuitive and familiar to web-based users.   Reducing the number of clicks will increase throughput, speed up processing of loan settlements and drive down settlement periods."

About Trade Settlement Inc.

Trade Settlement Inc. (TSI) provides the only fully automated settlement platform for the global primary and secondary syndicated loan markets. Since the Company's inception in June 2000, TSI has been a pioneer and innovator in the syndicated loan trading space. In addition to launching the first fully automated browser-based platform for the settlement of par/near par loan trades, TSI also created the first real-time data link with a widely used agent bank. TSI's platform has radically streamlined the settlement cycle, allowing for rapid, error-free settlement of loan transactions. The TSI system offers the highest standard of security, leading-edge technology, first-rate customer service, scalability and fastest execution. In addition, TSI offers high-quality and professional loan closing outsource services.

TSI's easy-to-use system was designed to interface with existing back-office accounting and portfolio management systems, eliminating double and triple entry and maximizing the benefits of straight-through-processing. TSI has built its state-of-the-art platform with the flexibility to link to virtually every lending and portfolio management system, whether branded or proprietary.