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Trade Settlement Inc. Delivers New Generation Platform for the Primary Syndication Market

Trade Settlement Inc. Delivers New Generation Platform for the Primary Syndication Market

(New York: June 24, 2013) Trade Settlement Inc. ‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐ (TSI), a leading provider of automated loan settlement technology, announced today its new generation Primary Loan Management system which boasts fast, efficient, secure and fully electronic closings for the growing Primary Loan business.

The Loan Syndication & Trading Association's statistics currently show corporations routinely borrowing amounts in excess of $5 billion from multiple lenders often to fund acquisitions. According to an industry observer, "These new primary loans are huge, complex, heavy on paperwork, and involve lots of lenders, lawyers, and banks. They all need perfect execution as fast as possible. That's why many banks will migrate to TSI 's new system."

Administrative Agents will take advantage of the new Primary dashboard with its 360 view of all allocations across all lenders in the deal. Managers are presented with real-time figures for total closed today, total to date, and total unsettled, which can be easily exported to Excel and emailed directly from the platform.

The new complete Primary system includes a high speed importer for getting lender lists into the system quickly and accurately, verifies available KYC (Know Your Customer) information such as Administrative Details and Tax Forms and allows rapid customization of the standard Institutional Allocation Confirmation per deal.

Pat Loret de Mola, TSI 's founder and CEO, says, "Based on our decade of serving as an all‐electronic settlement agent for the private loan trading market, we knew we could do better than current, mostly manual systems or other outsourcers. So we built this new, easy‐to‐use cloud‐based capability. It is now available to all and is packaged with our follow‐on secondary settlement capabilities." She said clients will be offered promotional pricing on a first come, first‐served basis.

About Trade Settlement Inc.

Trade Settlement Inc. ‐‐‐settlement. com - (TSI) provides the only fully automated settlement platform for the global primary and secondary syndicated loan markets. Since the Company's inception in June 2000, TSI has been a pioneer and innovator in the syndicated loan trading space. In addition to launching the first fully automated browser‐based platform for the settlement of par/near par loan trades, TSI also created the first real‐time data link with a widely used agent bank. TSI's platform has radically streamlined the settlement cycle, allowing for rapid, error‐free settlement of loan transactions.

The TSI system offers the highest standard of security, leading‐edge technology, first‐rate customer service, scalability and fastest execution. In addition, TSI offers high‐quality and professional loan closing outsource services.

TSI's easy‐to‐use system was designed to interface with existing back‐office accounting and portfolio management systems, eliminating double and triple entry and maximizing the benefits of straight‐through‐processing. TSI has built its state‐of‐the‐art platform with the flexibility to link to virtually every lending and portfolio management system, whether branded or proprietary.

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