Bringing Efficiency, Liquidity & a new VISION to syndicated loan processing.



VTS's Primary Syndicated Loan settlement process is simple and it is geared toward bringing all new lenders into a deal as quickly and efficiently as possible. The platform is enriched with deal information provided by the Agent Bank and VTS takes care of the rest. The system coordinates all review, allocations and signing by the lending institutions in the syndicate and provides detailed, accurate reporting to the Agent.

Par/Near Par Secondary

VTS's Secondary Loan settlement platform is the only fully automated settlement system in the syndicated loan market. Upon entering a new trade in VTS, the platform automatically generates the Trade Confirms, Forms of Assignment and Funding Memos, any of which can be processed individually or in bulk fashion to scale operational efficiency.


Distressed Secondary

VTS's New Distressed Loan Settlement Platform offers a number of innovations to make the traditionally cumbersome closing process highly streamlined and painless. The VTS system allows users at Banks and counterparty organizations to incorporate their external counsel directly into their workflow, so they can create, review and negotiate all required documents, including the Purchase and Sale Agreement. In addition, VTS's new Trade Inventory Management feature allows users to capture, track and allocate upstreams quickly, easily and accurately, from a single secure location.

Block Transfers and Portfolio Ramp Up

Seller/Buyer fund sends VTS trade tickets and/or a spreadsheet with the details regarding the buy/sale. VTS creates each transfer, including sub-allocations, and coordinates the execution of the Trade Confirmation(s) (if needed) and the Assignment and Assumption Agreement(s) by all parties, including the Agent.