Virtus Trade Settlement is pleased to announce that we have added new trade documents, guidelines and business rules in compliance with the LSTA's Primary Delayed Compensation Protocol. These changes will govern all Primary and Par/Near Par trades entered into on or after March 16, 2020. Any trades meeting these criteria will carry a Delayed Compensation Eligibility (DCE) status in the platform which will indicate DC forfeited, DC at Risk or DC received.

Please contact our to learn more about the feature or with any questions.

By logging into the application you agree to the terms and conditions (Version 2020.04.11) found at the following link. Click for Terms and Conditions


The Virtus Trade Settlement (VTS) platform uses certain forms of trading documents published by the Loan Syndications and Trading Association ("LSTA") (the "LSTA Trading Documents") and the LSTA owns all intellectual property rights, including all copyright rights, in the LSTA Trading Documents.

The LSTA has changed the Terms of Use for the LSTA Trading Documents to require that a party be a member of the LSTA or acquire a license in order to use the LSTA Trading Documents. For information about obtaining a license or becoming a member, please click here.

The change to the LSTA Terms of Use does not in any way impact the ability of parties to use this platform. Enforcement of the LSTA’s copyrights is a matter solely between the LSTA and users of the LSTA Trading Documents.

The complete LSTA Internet Website Agreement is available on the LSTA’s website at https:// .

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